28th January 2022 

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #01What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession based on science. The range of work is very broad and varied and involves working with people to promote their own health and well being. When someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability, Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function to as near normal as possible.

Physiotherapy uses physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being.

Does Physiotherapy deal with all types of physical pain?

Physiotherapy deals with pain involving muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and nerves. In acute injuries (when the injury is recent), Physiotherapy treatment aims to limit the effect of inflammation, reduce pain, swelling, heat and associated redness. The earlier the injured area is treated the quicker the return to full function and normal activities. This is known as the rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is the period of time when the inflammation period is at it's later stages. This is when we work with our Clients to enable soft tissue healing and strengthen damaged and weakened areas.

FAQ #02Will I need many treatment sessions?

We work with our Clients to pinpoint the underlying cause of pain and injury. We understand the importance of returning our Clients back to full function and to resume their normal lives and activities, whilst keeping the cost down. To this end we have devised a programme which is bespoke to suit the individual needs of our clients. We are able to reduce the amount of treatments needed, thus keeping down the cost of restoring you back to full function.

Our philosophy is simple. We teach our Clients a home exercise programme that works with the hands-on treatment of the Physiotherapist. This gives you the self awareness and self management. In following this simple plan, you will also help to prevent any further injuries occurring in this area.

Can I use my company or private medical insurance?

Yes. We are registered with all health insurance companies. All you need to do is to get authorisation form your insurance provider and we will do the rest. In cases where you are required to pay in advance(such as the Saturday fund), we will supply receipts after each treatment or at the end of your treatment programme. Whichever method is most suitable to you.

FAQ #03I have had an accident where the 3rd party insurance company will pay my Physiotherapy costs. Can I request that I use FPF Physiotherapy?

Yes. You just need to inform your solicitor that you will prefer to be treated by Franco Ferrarin Bsc (Hons), AACP, AAIP of FPF Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic and you will be automatically referred to us.

What is the difference between Osteopathic, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy treatment?

In actual fact, all of these treatments are similar and can be effective. Each area specialises in a slightly different approach to pain and injury. Physiotherapy however, encourages a guided "self care" approach to recovery, whilst also administering hands on, pain relieving techniques. We promote the use of gentle exercise and activities to promote long term health.

FAQ #04Can I recover from a back injury?

Yes you can! Back pain is commonly caused by strained tissues and/or a weakness of tissues in the back. With the correct treatment and strengthening of the back, it is has been proven that to reduce back pain and increase flexibility, thus allowing you to increase all activities and return to full functionality.

What is whiplash and how can Physiotherapy help?

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury commonly associated with the neck. However, soft tissue damage may also occur in other areas of the spine and lower back. The injury is caused by a sudden neck or spinal movement moving rapidly forwards and backwards. This double movement damages the soft tissue within these areas. A whiplash injury can result in experiencing neck pain and stiffness, headaches, shoulder or middle back pain, low back pain, pins and needles, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and many other symptoms.

After firstly seeking advice from you doctor, a course of symptom and pain relieving Physiotherapy will help to alleviate the symptoms.

FAQ #05What is Acupuncture and what can it be used for?

Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese medical practitioners for over 3000 years. It is used to re-balance the energy flow to stimulate healing. The stimulation caused by Acupuncture is proven to increase brain activity and helps to release endorphins - our bodies' own natural pain relievers.

Acupuncture is used by FPF Physiotherapists to help relieve pain and inflammation. All of our practitioners are qualified to use Acupuncture alongside our traditional hands-on techniques. However, should our Clients prefer not to have this treatment, then it is not administered.

Acupuncture can help to relieve muscular, nerve as well as acute and chronic injuries.